Fish & Chips by Werk 8

The original idea of frying potatoes and battered cod in a bucket of hot oil may have come from French, Portuguese or Jewish immigrants – or even from the mysterious and by all accounts completely vanished sea peoples. But like most things good & decent in the world, this concoction of dubiously nutritional deep fried gold, even more dubiously served with vinegar and mayo, was swiftly incorporated into the culinary wasteland that was 19th century Britain. Eventually, this was widely regarded as such an excellent move that these days the dish continues to stake its ever dubious-er claim as “the only real british street food, innit”.

Our friends from Werk 8 in the Gundeldingen have created their very own delicious version: battered bites of Pike, Chips generously sprinkled with herbs and a hearty dollop of tartare sauce. We could not resist, and neither should you. Find them in their obviously titled “Fish & Chips” booth, in our Kitchen 8, of course.