Non La

Non La, the classic southeastasian conical hat has been used by the peoples of Vietnam for millenia. Unsurprisingly, it has become their national symbol. Naming their Flagship restaurant at Erasmusplatz after it, shows the Non La-Team’s dedication to serving authentic vietnamese cuisine. In their Vietnamese Corner in our Kitchen 9, they serve spring- and summerrolls, next to delicate ricenoodle dishes and that unexpectedly obvious tasting Vietnamese classic: the Banh Mi. Based on the Vietnamese word for bread, the Banh Mi today is considered a specific sandwich, packing all sorts of typically southeastasian ingredients and spices into not any bun, but a crunchy and unwieldy French baguette. The French brought their elongated bread sticks along with their ill advised notions of 19th century imperialism. The Vietnamese went “hold my Non La” and turned the thing into a delicacy of their very own style, eventually managing to have the term fixed in the Oxford Dictionary. Ăn ngon miệng nhé!