la manufacture

The Burger. That archaic symbol of American fast food hegemonism has long left its greasy roadside beginnings behind and is busy spearheading gentrification in a neighbourhood near you. Anthony Bourdain, may he rest in honour, has deservedly buttkicked gold plated truffle burgers into the abyss of history, but let’s face it: the original concept of meat between bread had some headroom. And this is where La Manufacture come in. The classics are all there, but with an everchanging list of Specials they prove that burgers can be rather amazing. Gravity defying layers of goodness are accompanied by two kinds of on-point fries alongside condiments and buns made in house. Their vegetarian options aren’t just some non descript slab of thickened soypaste smeared with wasabi and labelled “green whopper”, no, they too are created from scratch based on varying ingredients such as carrots, lentils, beets and the like. Decadence, done in style.

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