Klara drinks regionally!

What is important to us is what is on your plate and in your glass. Our wine selection comes primarily from regional and biodynamic producers, with specifically selected specimens to match our food offer as a finishing touch. Our principle is to serve regional, organic and fairly traded products as often as possible, supporting your culinary journey along the way.

Klara loves coffee culture: Our coffee blend, provided by the Kaffeemacher:innen from nearby Münchenstein, hits the spot with a nutty, chocolaty and long-lasting taste.

Klara loves traditional beer culture: Our beers are brewed in Switzerland, with a focus on Basel. You will surely find a brew to your taste in our wide assortment of drafts and bottled beers, ranging from light lager to bitter IPA.

Klara drinks seasonally: Apart from some established classics, our cocktails are a migratory bunch and come and go with the seasons, keeping the menu slim and moving with the flux of the outside world. Fresh ingredients and the creative energy of our bar staff ensure a steady flow of surprises and delights.
We aim to discover new methods for a contemporary bar and are constantly on the lookout for exciting new products on the market.

Are you missing something on our menu or did you particularly like your drink? Let us know.
We look forward to your visit and your feedback.