Who is KLARA? 

We are an international team of 61 people who work with heaps of passion and a big heart at the bar, in the nine kitchens the office. We bring together 18 languages and at least as many nationalities. Every day we aim to make sure you have a great time with us!

KLARA is a meeting place for family and friends, your spot for lunch with colleagues, an afterwork drink or to meet new people. Your open space and working space. A place to nurture creativity and culture. KLARA is more than just food and drink – she is a place for exchange, community, retreat and a little breather from everyday life.

What is our Vision? 

We care about the product on your plate and in your glass. Our basic rule is to source as many materials as possible locally, fair and bio. The result: all our beers and soft drinks are from Swiss manufacturers. Likewise, we aim to find exquisite spirits and wines from Switzerland. In the few cases where no suitable product can be found, we look in the immediate neighbouring countries, the closer the better.

How did it all start?  

In the winter of 2016, a request from the city to the interim use organization “unterdessen” came with the question of how to create a great place on Clarastrasse. So a group of creative doers, including an urban developer, a lawyer and restaurateurs, took on the task. With a wealth of experience from projects such as the “Markthalle” and “Hinterhof Bar”, the team of six invented and implemented KLARA. Almost a year later we opened our doors in a former clothing discounter.