We are an international team, working the bar and nine kitchens with heaps of passion and a big heart. We support young and local manufacturers, we love homegrown products of the highest quality and we source international products by their shortest journey into your glass.
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Liters of beer/week

We want to be up close and personal with our guests, because you define us! KLARA is a meeting place for family and friends, your spot for lunch with colleagues, an afterwork drink or to meet new people. Your open space and working space. A place to nurture creativity and culture. KLARA is more than just food and drink – she is a place for exchange, community, retreat and a little breather from everyday life.

KLARA is you! Great that you’re a part of it.


15. September3 Years KLARA

For three years we have been welcoming you as guests, organizers, partners, producers, employees and kitchen operators. We love what we do and are looking forward to everything that is still to come.

THANK YOU all for walking with us through thick and thin <3 PS: we have given ourselves a new website design that you can see here

26. AugustNew kitchen: Tenz Momo

We are very happy to welcome Tenz Momo in our family. Some of you probably already know Tenz from other Swiss cities, now they are finally in Basel. The dough for the Tibetan national dish is rolled by hand, filled and carefully folded into shape – and if you are lucky, you can even watch it being made on site. Come try!