Square Metres

We want to be up close and personal with our guests, because you define us! KLARA is a meeting place for family and friends, your spot for lunch with colleagues, an afterwork drink or to meet new people. Your open space and working space. A place to nurture creativity and culture. KLARA is more than just food and drink – she is a place for exchange, community, retreat and a little breather from everyday life.

KLARA is you!

Great that you’re a part of it.


24. NoVemberTake Away & Klara Shop

Starting today, KLARA will be open for business – but with a twist!

For the next couple of weeks KLARA we’ll be a Take Away business & shop. Our kitchens will continue to serve you your favorite dishes 7 days a week during lunch & dinner time! And in our new shop you can finally get lovely local drinks and food. ⁠Come by, we’re looking forward to seeing you in the next few weeks & thank you for all of the great support!

30. OctoberKlara-Survey: We want to know, what you think of us!

Is there anything you ever wanted to tell us, but never had the chance to?
Well, the time ist now to speak up!

Tell us what you think of KLARA and what we could do, to make you feel safe and at home!

Click here for the Survey!